Why Choose a Boutique Photographer?

What do you think of when you consider the word “luxury”? To every person, the word may have different connotations…to one, it might conjure up tropical vacations, and to another, designer clothes or a sports car. Have you ever considered what it means to have luxury portraits? Many clients believe that an amateur photographer is sufficient to meet their needs, without considering the impact their images may have for generations to come. We are a boutique photography firm that specializes in luxury portraiture, and we wanted to outline what that means for YOU:

What is a boutique photographer? 

If you want a truly memorable experience, you will actively seek out a boutique photographer who has a specific niche. The word means a brand that serves higher-end clients who have equally high expectations for their portraits, and who want images that will truly stand the test of time! Boutique photographers are highly trained, have experience, and they will be earmarked by their level of dedication, communication with their clients, and offering heirloom products. Most  boutique photographers also offer other luxury features such as personal consultations and professional makeup services for their clients. 

Why are they worth the money? 

So, why not just ask your aunt or friend to snap a few photos with their iPhone, set to portrait mode? Because your story matters too much. Because while a smartphone is awesome for those everyday moments, you and your family deserve a portraiture experience that you’ll remember forever. And, because your images will be shared for years to come, hung carefully on the walls of your family home, or sealed carefully into graduation announcements. A boutique photographer will always be a true investment, but when you consider the other things you might spend money on, photos are one of the few things that will hold a lifelong impact. 

What does Maggie Mae Photography offer? 

From the first moment we meet our clients, we offer personalized care, curated communication, and attention to detail. We get to know you, your family, your interests, and what you are seeking in the portrait experience. Then, we offer a truly unique photo session, meant to capture you and your loved ones with care and passion. We laugh with you, and yes, even shed a few tears. We seek out amazing locations and hone our craft daily so you only get the most incredible images. Most importantly, our boutique and luxury approach to portraits means you get one-on-one professionalism that you won’t find with a shoot-and-burn photographer. At the end of the day, you want someone who you can trust with your personal story. You can trust us. 

Whether you need professional headshots, senior photos, or want a day to feel beautiful and confident, we have a custom photoshoot just for you. Contact us today to get started!

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