What’s the Maggie Mae Senior Experience?

“They’re just pictures!”

I hear this often. Sure, it seems like all we do is give high school seniors a few photos, but it’s so much more than that…it truly is an experience. I know you’re eager to get onto the next season in your life (Hello, college! Hello, freedom!), but I hope that you can take time to savor this amazing time in your life, too. You’ve accomplished so much, and it’s time to CELEBRATE!

So, what’s the Maggie Mae senior experience all about?

We start with the most important factor: you! Each session is customized to the individual high schooler, in order to capture your personality and your passions! We know your later years in school are passing in a blur of deadlines, applications, and appointments, but we strongly encourage booking early. Our scheduling is filled very quickly, and booking early means you will have a higher chance to snag the day you want!

Once you book with us, the fun begins! You’ll receive an exclusive link to our senior portal, where you can see all the info you’ll need to prepare for your shoot. Two weeks before your big day, you’ll have a style consultation with me, where we will discuss the details (yep, down to the nitty-gritty), and we can begin to plan what heirloom products you may want!

On the day of your shoot, you gals will be begin your day with hair and airbrush makeup by our highly talented Karissa! I will have already filled her in on the things you want, and she will be ready to have you looking fabulous. Guys, we will start your session in studio or at our designated location, and we will style and pamper you as well! For both guys and girls, prepare for a ton of fun, and to feel comfortable in front of the lens! Nervous? No worries! We will make sure you can create one of your favorite memories and feel confident about your photos. 

After your amazing shoot, we will schedule an ordering session about two weeks after your shoot date. We will meet at my studio for a personalized preview of your photos! This is where you’ll get to choose your archival quality products (meant to last forever), and get ready to show off your portraits to all your friends and family! All of my packages include both print and digital items, so you can get your Instagram profile looking just as awesome! 

Ready to get started? You can email us HERE!

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