What Your Photographer Wants You to Know

Sometimes, when we meet a new client, I can sense their apprehension. It is nerve-racking to step into a new place that isn’t familiar, and to step (vulnerable) in front of a lens is a true act of courage for some people. I admire it. I wish I could make everyone perfectly comfortable right away, but it takes time, and it takes trust. I hope each one can see that I long for the experience to be amazing. Here are some things I want every single client to know when they come to MMP…

I strive for excellence: No matter what I do, I set my mind to it, and I strive for high quality and amazing portraits for every single shoot. Part of what I’ve built my brand on is the commitment to unmatched clarity, artistic poses, and lovely lighting.

I want you to feel beautiful: I really want you to feel not only beautiful, but confident. Not only are your photos beautifully posed and styled, we specialize in the entire experience. You will feel pampered, cared for, and valued…which is what every client deserves.

I want you to trust me: Believe me when I tell you that I only want the very best FOR you! I want you to get your images back and feel the magic of your own beauty and happiness. I want you to trust me with your poses, smile, and styling so that you can truly relax. I want you to understand my photography style and feel prepared for the shoot.

I know the shoot means so much: Whether you are celebrating a weight loss, an anniversary, a special occasion, or getting new headshots, family photos, or senior portraits…each one means as much to me as it does to you. I pour myself into each image, believe it or not, and I spend tons of time editing, thinking about, and preparing your images. They are truly my heart and soul.

I am eager for you to see your photos: It takes time to edit, cull, and organize your images. I wish I could turn them around instantly, but that would negate my careful curation and session design (which is what you’re paying for!), and that is why we typically don’t post your images in the same timeframe as a shoot-and-burn photography service. Please be patient, and know that no one is as excited as us to reveal your stunning photos!


Here at Maggie Mae Photography, we specialize in a variety of professional, heirloom quality portraits. From children’s photos to updated corporate shots, we take every shoot seriously, and we would love to reveal our one-of-a-kind experience to you! Please contact us today to book the session you’ve been dreaming of.

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