What to Wear to Your Senior Session

Your senior session is something to celebrate! You’ve worked so hard to get here, and only you know the whole journey that you’ve been on. You have a unique perspective, and one of the best places you can show that is in your wardrobe. That can be difficult, because sometimes picking out the perfect outfit for your senior session can be the hardest thing! We get the struggle, and over the years we’ve picked up a few tips that we want to share with you. Here’s what you should wear to your senior session!

What you want – We wanted to start with this tip, because we think it’s one of the most important ones. If you want to capture who you are in your senior portraits, you have to be you. That means picking out the outfits that you really want to wear, the ones you are most comfortable in, and the ones that showcase your own unique personality. When you start with these things, you’re sure to pick out the perfect outfit. Use your personality as the foundation, and go from there!

Go seasonal – Each season brings its own atmosphere to a senior session, and your outfit should reflect that. Beyond dressing for the cold/warm weather, you should be dressing in complimentary colors for the season that you’re in. For instance, fall is perfect for those earthier and muted tones, with pops of color here and there in a cardigan or maybe in the accessories. On the other hand though, spring is great for pastels and brighter colors that go right in line with the spirit of the season. Think about the season you’ll be having your session in, and let that be your guide!

Splurge a bit – Your senior session is only going to happen once, so it’s worth going all out a little bit. We recommend that you bring mostly outfits that you are comfortable in, and things you would typically wear, but if it’s in the budget, we also say that you should splurge a bit and get something new and something that you feel fabulous in! If you’ve had your eye on a special outfit that was just a bit outside of your price range, see if you can make it happen for this special occasion.

Talk to your photographer – We’re professionals after all, and throughout our years of experience we’ve gleaned enough know-how to be fashion consultants as much as photographers. That makes your senior photographer one of your greatest resources for choosing the perfect outfit for your session! We always spend some time getting to know our seniors before the shoot happens, and during this time we will discuss outfits, locations, expectations, and style, and if you’re not sure what to wear for your senior portraits, we will guide you based on your personal style and your vision for your session. So just ask!

Senior portraits are a celebration of your hard work and the wonderful journey you’re on, as you move from high school onward to new things. They’re worth capturing in the best way possible – and that’s with us! Contact us here to get started.

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