The How’s and Why’s of Professional Makeup

Professional makeup is part of many of our sessions here at Maggie Mae Photography. It offers clients the opportunity to look and feel their best, and gives that added boost of confidence. In the unique lighting of a studio environment, professional makeup is really a necessity, because of the way the light brings out any flaws in application. A true professional (like the ones we use in-house here at MMP) will know how to accentuate the beauty you already possess, and highlight it in every image. In addition:

-Professional makeup reduces shine and cuts down retouching: Even the most expensive brands don’t stand up well under studio lights, and they can reflect the added SFP content, creating strange glare. An experienced makeup artist will apply the very best products specifically for a photoshoot, which means once its applied, you’ll have a worry-free session. You also won’t have to think about adjusting and touching up with powder or extra product…you’ll get to enjoy yourself. 

-A pro makeup artist will choose the right colors: You may or may not be adept at matching your own foundation, but a makeup artist will know right off the bat which shades will bring out your eyes and match your skin-tone, brows, and lips. As we get older, our skin tone can also become uneven, so the right concealer can help mitigate blemishes, sun damage, and dark circles. 

-It’s a time to be pampered: Whether you are a single woman, mom, businesswoman, or even grandmother, you probably know what it feels like to give, give, give to everyone around you. I believe it’s important for all of us to take time to pamper and take care of ourselves, especially when it comes to photos that will leave a legacy for the people we love! Hair and makeup styling is a beautiful way to celebrate YOU, and your beauty.

-Airbrush makeup is perfect customized to you: Our makeup artist is experienced and highly trained, and mixes each foundation shade herself, to ensure the perfect shade. Karissa (our artist) also works for MAC, and is amazing…she knows just what I like for my clients, and she does such a beautiful job, that many clients go on to hire her for other special occasions! Airbrush makeup is not only perfectly tailored to every client, it also does not sink into the skin, perfect for the mature woman and young lady alike. 

Meet Karissa, our makeup artist!

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