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Sometimes, when we meet a new client, I can sense their apprehension. It is nerve-racking to step into a new place that isn’t familiar, and to step (vulnerable) in front of a lens is a true act of courage for some people. I admire it. I wish I could make everyone perfectly comfortable right away, […]

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Your senior session is something to celebrate! You’ve worked so hard to get here, and only you know the whole journey that you’ve been on. You have a unique perspective, and one of the best places you can show that is in your wardrobe. That can be difficult, because sometimes picking out the perfect outfit […]

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High school sweethearts: maybe one of my favorite things! There aren’t many things that are more romantic than two amazing young people in love, and both passionate about their futures. This pair attends Yorba Linda High School, and they share a love of sports. One thing I really loved about them is that they are […]

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This senior season brought me so many handsome guys, with Matthew being one of them! Most of the time the guys are not very excited about their senior pictures and are most likely doing it for their momma’s, but not Matthew. He was a natural in front of the camera. Fresh off the runway in […]