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Sometimes, when we meet a new client, I can sense their apprehension. It is nerve-racking to step into a new place that isn’t familiar, and to step (vulnerable) in front of a lens is a true act of courage for some people. I admire it. I wish I could make everyone perfectly comfortable right away, […]

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What an honor to get to do this session; two amazing friends who wanted their session done together. They are also two of USC’s biggest recruits, so football played a very important role in their shoot. Meet Kyle and Ethan, both from Orange Lutheran High School, and best friends since kindergarten. Because of their longtime […]

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Your senior session is something to celebrate! You’ve worked so hard to get here, and only you know the whole journey that you’ve been on. You have a unique perspective, and one of the best places you can show that is in your wardrobe. That can be difficult, because sometimes picking out the perfect outfit […]

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“They’re just pictures!” I hear this often. Sure, it seems like all we do is give high school seniors a few photos, but it’s so much more than that…it truly is an experience. I know you’re eager to get onto the next season in your life (Hello, college! Hello, freedom!), but I hope that you […]

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In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe you’re new here, Maggie Mae has recently been completely revamped. Swoone designed an entirely new brand, including awesome things like biz cards, t-shirts, a new website, and more! This new brand combines modern luxury with an inviting personality. I recently opened a stunning studio space where every client will have […]