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Sometimes, when we meet a new client, I can sense their apprehension. It is nerve-racking to step into a new place that isn’t familiar, and to step (vulnerable) in front of a lens is a true act of courage for some people. I admire it. I wish I could make everyone perfectly comfortable right away, […]

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Often, when a woman comes into my studio to discuss a boudoir session or they show up for their schedule shoot, she says something like, “Oh, I wish I had done this sooner!” We understand. It’s hard to set aside time and invest in yourself, and even moreso with boudoir shoots that can feel “frivolous” […]

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As a luxury boudoir photographer, I have heard just about every misconception imaginable. Some clients come in nervously, or call me with timid apprehension, wondering what boudoir is all about, and how to book their own session. I have photographed many different genres over the years, and each type is very special to me. But […]

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Have you ever thought about doing something, but you always put it off because it was never the right time, there was never enough money or you simply just didn’t have the confidence to dive in and do it? These were all the excuses I have had for so many years. I was a mom […]