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When a client first books a boudoir session, they are sometimes unsure, or they are very excited about a long-awaited day of pampering. But then, something happens that can send the whole thing awry…the ugly monster of comparison. Whether it’s because you started paging through beauty magazines for inspiration, or combing the endless scrolling of […]

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Often, when a woman comes into my studio to discuss a boudoir session or they show up for their schedule shoot, she says something like, “Oh, I wish I had done this sooner!” We understand. It’s hard to set aside time and invest in yourself, and even moreso with boudoir shoots that can feel “frivolous” […]

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It’s a bit of a misconception that you must be nude for a successful boudoir session. While classy nude photos can certainly be beautiful, it’s also important to know that your lingerie can be a really special part of a session, as well. There are many classy and sexy options for a boudoir session, and […]