Occasions to do a boudoir session

Often, when a woman comes into my studio to discuss a boudoir session or they show up for their schedule shoot, she says something like, “Oh, I wish I had done this sooner!” We understand. It’s hard to set aside time and invest in yourself, and even moreso with boudoir shoots that can feel “frivolous” when so many things demand your time and energy. Whether you’re 25, 35, or 65, boudoir can be for you, and yes, you are worth it. Here are some reasons to do a boudoir session; we hope that they will inspire you to schedule yours today!

-Weight loss: This is a very wonderful way to reward yourself for some very hard work and time spent improving yourself and your health. Many women that successfully lose weight (no matter the amount) have a renewed sense of confidence, and enjoy capturing that with an elegant boudoir shoot. Even if you feel insecure about extra skin, or a few stretch marks, please know that weight loss is an amazing and worthwhile reason to do a shoot you’ve been putting off.

-Groom’s gift: Many brides opt to make a special, surprise book for their husband-to-be! Although we know you plan to knock him dead with that wedding dress the day of, we think he will love a special little boudoir book after the ceremony, too! You could even save it for when you return from your honeymoon or a few weeks after your wedding to add a surprise he won’t see coming! 

-Anniversary: Whether you are celebrating one year together or decades of commitment, a boudoir session is a surprising and unique anniversary gift. You don’t have to choose lingerie to make it sexy, and we can work with women in any stage of life to help them feel comfortable and confident. We can then help guide you through the process of choosing heirloom-quality products in whatever form you may need.

-Long work trip or long distance relationship: Wouldn’t you love to open your suitcase on a very long trip to find a surprise book or set of prints from your love? We think they will appreciate and admire the gift of boudoir photos for any long trip where you’ll be separated, or for couples who spend a lot of time apart. It’s a special way to let them know you’re thinking of them! 

-Big life change or milestone: Going through a painful or big change in your life can be the right time for a boudoir session. It might sound strange, but surviving something you thought you couldn’t get through is a victory, and a boudoir shoot is a way to pamper yourself, celebrate, and get your groove back! A promotion, a divorce, surviving a tragedy a move across the country, or even suddenly having an empty nest are all reasons why a woman may need to feel beautiful, and we are here to walk through any of them with you.

It’s a common misconception that boudoir sessions are also something you do once, when you are young. Nope! You can do multiple boudoir sessions in your lifetime, and even more than one a year! As a professional photographer, it’s truly a joy to see women regain their spunk, confidence and self-assurance with just one photoshoot! Bekah (below) did a shoot for her 40th birthday, and she’s looking fabulous! It’s the perfect gift, for yourself or someone you love. 

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