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What do you think of when you consider the word “luxury”? To every person, the word may have different connotations…to one, it might conjure up tropical vacations, and to another, designer clothes or a sports car. Have you ever considered what it means to have luxury portraits? Many clients believe that an amateur photographer is […]

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Have you ever thought about doing something, but you always put it off because it was never the right time, there was never enough money or you simply just didn’t have the confidence to dive in and do it? These were all the excuses I have had for so many years. I was a mom […]

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In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe you’re new here, Maggie Mae has recently been completely revamped. Swoone designed an entirely new brand, including awesome things like biz cards, t-shirts, a new website, and more! This new brand combines modern luxury with an inviting personality. I recently opened a stunning studio space where every client will have […]