Ashton and Vivian | Yorba Linda Senior Photographer

High school sweethearts: maybe one of my favorite things! There aren’t many things that are more romantic than two amazing young people in love, and both passionate about their futures. This pair attends Yorba Linda High School, and they share a love of sports. One thing I really loved about them is that they are each other’s biggest cheerleader, not just on the sidelines, but also in the game called life! We laughed a ton during their session, and I learned even more about their personalities and relationship. 

Ashton and Vivian met in sophomore year, and have been dating for over a year now. I have known Ashton since he was just a little guy, and seeing the way that Vivian lights up his life was truly special for me! He made the varsity team for Lacrosse as a freshman, and has been playing for seven years. I’m so proud that he has also been recruited to Whittier College for Lacrosse, and even earned a scholarship. There’s more than just his athletic accomplishments though… I’m not sure there’s anything this guy can’t do! He was the student of the month in his culinary and English classes as well, and he shared that he “always tries to do anything I can do make others feel happy and wanted”. Vivian has a long list of accomplishments herself, but if we shared all of them, I’d never end this blog! She’s an incredible soccer star, and has been a force to be reckoned with on the field since kindergarten (which I bet was the cutest ever… I am a sucker for the teeny tiny athletes!). She will be attending the University of South Dakota to play division one soccer, where she was recruited and received a scholarship. She plans to enter chiropractics and help athletes who have been injured. It’s obvious why Ashton loves her so much: she is bright, kind, and lovely, as well as passionate about her work with a program called “Next Steps”, which helps youth avoid drugs and their effects. 

In my opinion, there’s only one thing better than a customized, elite senior session…and that’s one with your best friend or sweetheart! Ashton and Vivian picked our Ultimate Senior Experience, because it’s the one with all the perks: on-location and in-studio shots, hair and makeup styling so you look and feel your best, and a style consultation. My goal is always to make you feel like the confident, amazing rockstar that you are!  Seeing these two and how they enjoy life together brought a smile to my face, and made me realize how lucky I am to get to do this job!  Aren’t they gorgeous and adorable??

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